Dream as if you'll live forever.
Live as if you'll die today.

Enter the dream...

Tuesday 18th June, 9pm-5am
£80 standard,
£88 queue jump
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Tickets will go on sale on Friday 25th January at 9pm. We can't promise vintage champagne, oysters or diamond-encrusted toilet seats, but we can deliver a value-for-money evening surrounded by great food, plentiful drinks and an incredible vibe; doing what Homerton do best.
We sold out in record time last year and still had a long waiting list on the night of the Event - for reminders and updates about the release date of tickets, please 'like' our Facebook page

From the glamour of Hollywood's Walk of Fame to the blood and sweat of the Wild West, we will provide you with a vast array of acts and entertainment to keen you dreaming until dawn. From the minute you step onto the Red Carpet, prepare to be dazzled by the New York skyline and the American Dream that lies beyond its borders.

We are auditioning for acts for the May Ball at the beginning of Lent term - please email Romilly at to inquire about an audition slot. Please bear in mind the theme whilst auditioning - a repertoire of music to complement the vibe of the ball is preferable

Homerton May Ball is bigger and better than ever, and with a dedicated Facebook following, there has never been a better time to gain exposure than through us. If you are interested in sponsoring our ball, please get in touch with Jemma by emailing

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Applications for workers are now closed.

Come with an American appetite to savour all the Ball has to offer you. Whether you favour saucy buffalo wings, meaty burgers or sticky doughnuts, Homerton will provide a vast array of your American favourites to keep you stocked up and satisfied. We'll be dropping hints closer to the time, so watch this space for the juicy details...

President: Esther Kezia Harding
Vice-President: Greg Hill

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